Germany vs. France at Maracanã will be FUCKING AWESOME man

I was thinking about the things I used to say to myself and the way I used to feel about things and… Everything is so different now. It’s not like I’m totally fine and everythings perfect or anything, but I feel like I’m actually growing up and learning how to deal with things in a better way. Depression, anxiety, self harm, all those things are really hard to deal with. I’m not “cured”, it’s not over, but I’m stronger now and that’s really great. Not much time ago I would think that there’s no way I could feel better about life or abour myself and that there was no hope for me. But now I know that is not exactly like that. There’s always a way out, there’s always a good side on anything. I don’t really like clichés, bus the “It gets better” thing is actually true. It doesn’t mean that you’ll be completely fine and all your problems will be over. That doesn’t exist. Life can never be that easy, wich is kind of okay because that way it never gets boring. But while time passes, you continue to live, to experience things and to grow up. And that’s the most important thing you can do. Your problems will change, your perspective will change, and what used to be the end of the world for you will be nothing at all. Realizing that make me feel like I have a way out of the mess that is my life. And I’m trying to stay calm, be more positive, see the good things in everyone and everything. It seems so silly, but it actually helps. Anyway, I’m just excited with this new way of seeing things and I hope I’ll get even better and better at this “living” thing. 

Castiel made me admire humanity in a way I never could as a human being. Because through my eyes I can only see the bad things. But through his eyes I could see the beauty of everything humanity have done and of all the little things we have that seems so odd.

I started to watch Emma Blackery’s videos and now I see that she’s basically Dan’s soulmate, really

I think it’s funny how the fans can like every single character in this show, independent of who they are or what they do, but EVERYONE COMPLETELY HATES JOFFREY. 

Okay so yeah Kurt Cobain spam because today is his death anniversary and that makes me feel very sad. He’s been one of the loves of my life since I was born, you know, so it’s kind of important to me. So yeah, sorry if it’s annoying.
Trailer Bridegroom Movie →

This is beautiful and sad and so important… Please watch.

I’m about to have a mental breakdown.

I try everything that I can to make things better for you but it doesn’t matter because I can’t do nothing right. And you hate me anyway. 

I hate myself because that’s what I learned my entire life. From you. You went completely insane and now you’re doing the same to me. 

That’s what you always say, that everything’s my fault, all I do is wrong WRONG I’m useless, i’m nothing. You should’ve done something before. You should’ve through me away before I become such a big problem in your miserable life. Maybe you should’ve let him do something about me, so you wouldn’t have to worry. And now you hate me so much and you keep throwing everything bad that ever happened right in my face. 

Carrie is not the villain. It’s actually anyone’s choice but hers. She, as a human being going through a really difficult situation, has every right to act like she did sometimes. It wasn’t even that much. So please stop saying you’re disappointed on her just because she’s not perfect. Nobody is. Just let her go through all this shit, okay ? Go on with your life.  

So I just saw this video where Carrie is on stage as Eponine singing On My Own and it gave me so many chills and I’m crying so much and she’s so amazing. Her voice, her acting, everything’s just so great. She’s so talented. I really love this song and I really love Eponine and I’m so happy I could watch this video, since I can’t go see the play… She’s amazing. 

Well, it doesn’t even matter what I do. I’m always trying my best for the ones I care about, but no one gives a damn. Maybe I should just stop. Stop caring, stop being kind and careful and doing everything I can for people who won’t do a thing for me. If I’m going to feel so lonely anyway than it’s better to just be alone.
I guess I was born to be alone.